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Sunflowers for Ukraine

Smithfield Residents Paint Sunflowers as Show of Support for the Peoples of the Ukraine


Memories of fields of yellow sunflowers set against the backdrop of a bright blue Ukraine sky were the inspiration for Smithfield Lodge residents to come together to hold a “United for Ukraine” paint night.  On March 10th, twenty-eight residents put their artistic creativity to use, painting an array of sunflowers as a show of support to the people of Ukraine.      

The sunflower paintings on display at Smithfield Lodge are a tribute to the resiliency and spirit of the Ukrainian people.  Like so many people, residents at Smithfield Lodge have been saddened and horrified by the war unfolding in the Ukraine and the sunflower paintings are their way of showing that they are sending their thoughts and prayers to the war-torn country.

To support humanitarian efforts, residents are making “Stand with Ukraine” blue and yellow ribbons fastened with a Canadian flag pin as a fundraiser.  The ribbon is symbolic of the ties and friendships between the peoples of the Ukraine and Canada.  Ribbons are available for sale at Smithfield Lodge with 100 percent of the proceeds directed to humanitarian relief in the Ukraine.