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Who We Are

About Homeland Housing

Homeland Housing is a public, not-for-profit organization providing housing and care services for 880 residents across nine Alberta communities.  The organization operates under Ministerial Order and is a Public Housing Management Body pursuant to the Alberta Social Housing Act, with a mandate to serve low and moderate income seniors, individuals, and families.  

Our programs and services are varied, including seniors’ subsidized apartments, independent supportive living, near-market (affordable housing) apartments, and designated supportive living 3 and 4.

How We are Funded

Funding for our seniors supportive living programs consist of resident rents, the Government of Alberta lodge assistance grant, and a requisition from member municipalities. The municipal requisition for seniors housing is similar to the education/school tax with the annual contribution listed on your annual property tax notice.  Requisition funding applies to all management bodies across all Alberta municipalities.  

Funding for designated supportive living 3 and 4 is provided by Alberta Health Services.  As a not-for-profit organization all funding is used to support and enhance the quality of life for seniors living in our communities.