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Temporary Rent Assistance Benefit (TRAB)

The Temporary Rent Assistance Benefit is a Government of Alberta program that provides a subsidy to help make rental accommodations more affordable for individuals and families.

Recipient households living in market rental housing in our service communities will receive a monthly benefit payment to subsidize their housing costs.  Homeland Housing (HLD) administers the benefits that participants use to pay their landlords.  Homeland Housing is not the landlord.

The Temporary Rent Assistance Benefit is a two-year benefit program for working households or those in between jobs.  It is designed for households who may have trouble receiving priority for regular Rental Assistance Benefits (RAB) or community housing but still need help making their housing affordable.

The Temporary Rent Assistance Benefit (TRAB) is a flat subsidy rate based on household size.  The TRAB program offers up to two years of benefits that decrease by 20% in the second year.  After the first year, program participants are required to submit information for review to determine Year Two eligibility.  The Government of Alberta sets the rates annually.

Studio $162

One Bedroom $189

Two Bedrooms $236

Three Bedrooms $281

Four Bedrooms $297

To qualify for the Temporary Rent Assistance Benefit, applicants must meet all eligibility criteria under the Social Housing Accommodation Regulation, including: 

  • Be in core housing need.
    • living in inadequate, unsuitable, or unaffordable housing
    • income levels such that they cannot afford suitable housing in their community.
    • income levels below thresholds set out by the province.
  • Have a total asset value of $25,000 or less.
  • Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident (except for those under a private sponsorship arrangement), convention refugee, or an individual who has applied for refugee or immigration status and private sponsorship has broken down.
  • Households must currently be employed or have worked in the past 24 months (2 years) at the time of application.   Eligible forms of income for those who have worked in the past 24 months but may now be unemployed include:
    • Employment Insurance, Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB), and the Canada Recovery Benefit are eligible.
  • Have an annual income that is less than the local income threshold 


MunicipalityStudio1 Bedroom2 Bedroom3 Bedroom4 Bedroom


You are not eligible for the Temporary Rent Assistance Benefit is: 

  • You or anyone in the household are receiving social assistance, including:
    • Income Support;
    • Learner Income Support;
    • Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped;
    • Alberta Seniors Benefit;
    • Guaranteed Income Supplement; or
    • Old Age Security.
  • You already receive rental assistance such as RAB or live in social housing.

Applications for the Temporary Rental Assistance Benefit are received on a first-come, first-served basis for as long as funding is available from the Government of Alberta.  

You can apply online by clicking the link below or submitting your application by mail or fax to Homeland Housing.

Homeland Housing
10021 – 101 Street
Morinville, Alberta T8R 1R9
Tel: (780) 939 – 5116
Fax: (780) 939 – 2513

Click Here To Apply

Benefits are provided after an application has been submitted and approved.  Unfortunately, program funding is limited – not all qualified applicants can be approved.

Applicants who are approved into the program receive their benefits on or before the first day of each month.

TRAB is a two-year program.  Successful applicants will qualify for the first-year benefit, after which Homeland Housing (HLD) will conduct an income review to confirm continued eligibility.

After two years, the Temporary Rental Assistance Benefit ends.  However, if you still need assistance, you can reapply.   Applications, including those submitted by previous recipients, will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Your landlord will be the individual or organization with whom you have a tenancy agreement.  Homeland Housing (HLD) is not your landlord.

Your agreement with Homeland Housing is only for the funds you receive through the Temporary Rental Assistance Benefit program.

Please email our office at [email protected] or call (780) 939 – 5116 if you have additional questions about the Rental Assistance Benefit (RAB) program.